Marisfrolg: Sewing up new efficiencies

Marisfrolg is a well-established, high-end women’s wear brand with hundreds of boutiques in Asian markets. Find out how the company implemented a tailored SAP solution that integrates purchasing, manufacturing, sales, supply chain, and finance – with help from SAP control centers and SAP MaxAttention. Now Marisfrolg has significantly better internal efficiencies and zero information silos.

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Fishmonger sorting fish in a market

Grupo Calvo: Casting Smarter Operations

Grupo Calvo, the first company to package tuna in a round can, is a pioneer in the seafood industry. To stay ahead of the competition and expand into the 21st century, the company turned to SAP Supply Chain Management. See how the software has helped Calvo optimize its global operations.

Customer pushing a cart through a supermarket

Danone: Reducing its Carbon Footprint

Danone offers fresh dairy products and medical nutrition, and is known for its commitment to the environment. Learn how the company measured the carbon footprint for 35,000 of its products – and then reduced its footprint by 30% – with help from SAP Consulting and SAP BusinessObjects.*

Gekkeikan Sake employee working in an office

Gekkeikan Sake: Brewing Smoother Operations

How is this 370 year-old sake maker streamlining operations, cutting costs, and shrinking maintenance workload? With SAP ERP. The IT platform integrates all lines of business and facilitates secure, consistent production tracking – from raw materials to final products.

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