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Mobile Thought Leadership with Bill Clark

With a growing need to interact remotely, mobile device usage is increasing in today's post-PC business activity. In this webcast series, Bill Clark and his peers will guide you through today's evolving mobile landscape to make the correct decision for your organization's future today.

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SAP Enterprise Mobile Newsletter

Every quarter, the SAP Enterprise Mobile e-mail newsletter delivers the latest solutions that help you manage mobile devices, build, deploy and manage business apps, and show how your enterprise can enhance your worker's mobile experience.

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Digital Transformation



It's clear to see that technology is disruptive. This is precisely why we need to talk about digital transformation. Driven by the combination of ever-growing digitization and evolving consumer demands...

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The Age of the Mobile Customer

According to Forrester, we’re entering an era that will define the next 20 years of business: the age of the customer. The key to success in this age is...

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Top 10 Mobility Trends

The vibrant market for mobile devices, apps, and services is being fueled by numerous factors. Here are the ten most important trends that will drive our increasingly mobile world in 2013 and beyond.

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Outsmart the Competition

Read the study by J. Gold Associates, LLC, a technology strategy and research firm, to learn the strengths and weaknesses of enterprise mobile app strategies.

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Mobility Enablement

Listen to this radio replay featuring industry analysts discussing getting personal with your customer. Learn how to mobilize your workforce securely, and create loyalty-sustaining mobile customer engagement.

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Build a Winning Mobile Strategy

Learn about a framework for evaluating the key choices you'll face as you plan your investments in mobile technology.

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SAP: Mobilizing Employees

With over 40,000 mobile devices in use, SAP is realizing significant business benefits from mobilizing its worldwide workforce with new technologies and a sound mobile strategy.

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Navigating the New Mobile World

Understand the true potential of the mobile opportunity. Learn how to develop an executive action plan for adopting mobility to achieve maximum benefits from your mobile strategy and evolve into a fully mobile empowered business.

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Mobile Infographics

Get the inside edge on mobile technology from various infographics highlighting the latest trends, facts, and figures to help you improve your mobile strategy.

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