Strauss-Elite: Customer Reference Video

Formed by a recent merger, Strauss-Elite Ltd. is an Israeli food products company with global operations. Find out how this growing enterprise is using SAP NetWeaver to support M&A activity, enable globalization, and gain a single view of customers and processes.

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    • Strauss-Elite is a food consumer product manufacturing/distribution company. We are a global group, with revenue of close to a billion dollars a year. We are based out of Israel and have operations in Europe, North America, and also in Brazil. We at Strauss-Elite are in the midst of a large-scale, at least for us, ERP project to implement SAP ECC 5. That is to support our merger and the merger of the business processes and creating one view, one system to support our group, including the globalization that we're going through. To be able to support the merger and the merged processes, and looking at the customer as one, and having better analysis capabilities of the product, we decided to merge BI first and then go to the merger of the ERP systems. We've used NetWeaver to actually combine and create an enterprise data warehouse that includes both non-SAP and SAP data to allow our sales and distribution organization to have one view of the customer, one view of the merged sales channels, sales processes, and the products. To be able to be competitive in the markets we play in, and to continue to be a market dominator in the categories we play in, we need information about our products, we need information about our customers. The entire company is going through a very fast globalization. In order to support that and have the systems in a central hub, we needed to go into one central system that will support globalization and multi languages, multi currencies. With SAP NetWeaver BI and the merged BI system that we've built, we're actually able to let our sales and distribution and top management be able to look at the customer as one, the sales processes as one, the company as one. Doing that, we're able to have better commerce negotiation ability with our customers as we are approaching them as one company instead of two companies. We also lowered our IT costs by retiring older technologies and systems by lowering maintenance. We found that the SAP NetWeaver BI maintenance requires us much less energy than the older systems. IT is more flexible, which allows us to go through the merger while everything keeps on changing.