SAP Spend Performance Management rapid-deployment solution

Optimize Spend Performance Management

Gain transparency across your enterprise – and integrate your supply chain and procurement activities quickly and affordably by managing spend performance.

  • Get full visibility into total company spends to define sourcing and procurement strategies
  • Optimize spend processes management to uncover savings opportunities and act on them
  • Quantify the impact of supplier failure on spend volume and buying locations
  • Identify alternate suppliers to reduce supply chain disruptions and procurement failure
Colleagues discussing the spend analysis process
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Analyze and Reduce Spend

Learn how SAP’s Spend Performance Management rapid-deployment solution assists companies in analyzing and reducing spend and helps ensure that corporate guidelines are being followed throughout the organization.

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Maximize Savings, Reduce Supplier Risk

Discover how you can manage procurement performance, align sourcing strategies with savings goals, and reduce costs by responding quickly to savings opportunities.

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Get Pricing

The base price for the implementation of the SAP software is $231,300 USD and does not include maintenance or other negotiated services or fees.

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