Supply Chain Analytics

Turn your supply chain analytics into a competitive advantage

Supply chain analytics software for manufacturing operations deliver strategic tools – including department-relevant metrics and benchmarking data – that empower you to ensure accountability, improve performance, and turn your supply chain analytics into a competitive advantage.

  • Improve performance tracking and diagnose bottlenecks
  • Track and measure key metrics against operational goals
  • Meet delivery commitments by relying on leading-edge forecasting
Managers using supply chain analytics tools to monitor their supply chain
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Featured Resources

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Proactively Manage Supply Chain Risk

Gain visibility into your multi-tier supply chain with this cloud based solution to understand the dynamics of your supplier network, compare supplier performance to network benchmarks to drive improvements and predict future supplier risks before they impact your business operations.

Container ship with cargo representing managed with supply chain analytics software

Improve Your Supply Chain’s Performance

Before you can improve your supply chain, you have to be able to track its performance, diagnose its bottlenecks, and uncover opportunities. That’s where the SAP Supply Chain Performance Management analytic application helps.

Two workers check in-store inventory

Drive Supply Chain Improvements

If opportunities for improvement in your supply chain are not apparent, sign up for the supply chain operations reference (SCOR) model. It provides a unique framework that links business processes, metrics, best practices, and technology into a unified structure.

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