SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Integrate manufacturing with the enterprise with manufacturing integration and intelligence software

Become an adaptive manufacturer – profitably replenishing your supply network while responding to dynamic changes – with SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence software. Link manufacturing processes with business operations to enable collaborative manufacturing and get the visibility you need to run your business in real time.

  • Connect the shop floor with your ERP system for real-time data
  • Minimize initial costs, complexity, and TCO with prebuilt, standards-compliant connectors
  • Boost the productivity of your shop-floor personnel by delivering useful, actionable information
  • Monitor, measure, and control process-improvement initiatives
  • Improve the use of assets and rationalization of poorly performing assets
  • Deliver rapid ROI by implementing in as few as 90 to 120 days


Two engineers on a shop floor reviewing manufacturing plans
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Delivering from Idea to Performance

In a recent Aberdeen survey, 61% of companies cited the need to launch products quickly as a top business priority. Learn how SAP can help by aligning processes for product development, manufacturing, sustainability, and enterprise asset management — giving players access to the same reliable data.

Two workers in a production facility connected to headquarters by manufacturing integration and intelligence software

Shine a Light on the Shop Floor

You don't want organizational silos in your business, least of all in manufacturing. Tie production tightly with your core business software – and you'll see better uptime, faster reaction to change, more consistent processes, and happier customers.

Are You Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Experts agree we’re in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution — an economy powered by connected devices, technologies, and processes. Learn how to move towards a more connected and networked future.

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