Integrated Sales and Operations Planning

Maximize enterprise performance with integrated sales and operations planning processes

Drive more value and reduce costs by making sure that your sales and operations planning is fully aligned. Manage your enterprise master data and your planning and reporting processes on an SAP HANA-boosted platform to improve the velocity and accuracy of information to react quickly to business events.

  • Synchronize supply and demand plans that are aligned to financial and strategic goals
  • Ensure alignment of business operations with a single, unified plan
  • Increase transactional speed and get accurate data to better measure and monitor risk
  • Make informed, strategic decisions by leveraging data across departments


Colleagues discussing integrated sales and operations planning
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Co-workers discussing sales and operations planning

Get up to Date on Sales and Operations Planning

The potential payoff of integrating your sales and operations planning is big. But you need to learn the lay of the land before you dive in – the priorities that companies attach to it, the role of technology enablers, and more.

Factory worker inspects process aligned with sales and operations planning

Manufacturers Weigh Sales and Operation Plans

There is a reason why manufacturers consider sales and operations planning their highest priority application – they have a lot to gain. IDC Manufacturing Insights studied the reasons why in depth. You’ll want to read its findings.

Sales executive reviews sales and operations planning strategy

Empower Integrated Business Planning

Do you have the tools to manage supply chain risk and variability? Can these tools help you optimize both inventory and service levels? Do they enable you to align your sales and operations plan with your financial objectives? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, see what SAP can do for you.

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