Be prepared with defense software

Transform your organization to meet today’s threats – with our military, defense & security software

Increase mission effectiveness – and successfully mitigate operational risk – with SAP software and IT solutions for military, defense, and security organizations. Consistently meet combat readiness targets despite unpredictable conditions – and get the maximum value from your required materials, information, and personnel.

The potential benefits?

  • Greater military supply chain transparency with secure information sharing
  • Superior force deployments due to smarter planning processes
  • Improved combat readiness in unpredictable conditions
  • More accurate measures for sustainable resource utilization
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Explore our solutions

Learn how SAP solutions support defense & security – and how we can help you succeed.

Businessmen waiting at the airport

NCIS: Improving Agency Performance

Business intelligence meets criminal investigation. Find out how SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence helped NCIS quickly spot crime trends and respond to them, allowing the organization to allocate resources more effectively.

Worker examining a jet engine, making decisions based on relevant information from defense software

U.S. Air Force: Transforming Reporting

How can you take the time, cost, and frustration out of reporting? Learn how users in the Air Force Materiel Command can do their own ad hoc reporting thanks to the self-service capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence software.

Defense expert working at his laptop

Canadian DND: Enhancing Logistics

Army, navy, air force: All three branches of the Canadian military are operating on the same logistics page thanks to SAP. Read how the Canadian Department of National Defence developed a system to better track weapons and equipment.


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