Mobile LOB Apps

Streamline purchasing and boost productivity with mobile procurement software

Make it easy for busy procurement professionals to complete important tasks while they're mobile – with our purchasing software. No matter where they are, managers can create and approve shopping carts directly from their mobile device – and reduce the time from requisition to purchase.

  • Improve visibility into supplier information
  • Streamline procurement processes
  • Speed up approval time to keep employees and the business moving forward
Full shopping cart representing the convenience of mobile procurement software
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Purchasing professional approving shopping cart requests on his smartphone

Improve Procurement Efficiency – On the Go

See how you can use the SAP Cart Approval mobile app to streamline every aspect of shopping cart approval, no matter where you are. View the list of shopping carts to be processed, see product details, and then give your approval – all from your mobile device.

Runners racing on a track, representing rapid deployment of mobile apps

Rapid Deployment of Mobile Apps

Sprint toward the realization of your mobile vision with ready-to-run rapid-deployment solutions. See value within weeks or even days. Take advantage of integrated quick start and growth options. And, get the right fit with modular packages designed to meet your specific business needs.

CSC CIO discusses the benefits of mobile procurement software

Computer Sciences Corp: Accelerating Approvals

How is this global IT solution provider significantly reducing approval cycle times? With the SAP Cart Approval mobile app. Now, managers can review and approve employee shopping carts no matter where they are – to drastically improve cash flow.

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