SAP Sybase Advantage Database Server

Get enterprise power at a small business price – with our relational database management system

Extend your existing applications with SAP Sybase Advantage Database Server, a full-featured, easily embedded, relational database management system. Use multiple platforms and development languages,SQL or ISAM data access  with native drivers – and manage your database from any location, on any device, even while it’s in use.

  • Gain flexibility unmatched by SQL-only databases – with both ISAM and SQL data access
  • Develop powerful data-driven applications for client-server and mobile environments
  • Scale from local to peer-to-peer to client-server environments with one set of source code
  • Install and manage without the need for a database administrator
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With the continual onslaught of new Delphi releases and tools, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options. Explore the features that make it so quick and easy to connect your existing Delphi application to the robust, low-maintenance SAP Sybase Advantage Database Server.

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