SAP Enterprise Modeling Applications by Software AG

Continually optimize the business process lifecycle with enterprise modeling software

What if you could visualize your IT architecture, understand and document how your processes work, and identify areas for improvement – all on a continual basis? SAP enterprise modeling applications from Software AG offer Web-based components that support the full process lifecycle, from design to optimization.

  • Model your entire IT infrastructure in a graphical format
  • Lay a firm foundation for holistic business process management
  • Reduce the time, cost, and resource strain of process management activities
  • Analyze and manage process performance for ongoing improvements
  • Improve performance, transparency, and compliance
  • Increase agility by modeling the impact of process changes
Worker welding a piece of metal, representing enterprise modeling
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Featured Resources

Green mountainous landscape representing enterprise modeling

Model Your Enterprise IT Infrastructure

Got a complex IT infrastructure you'd like to optimize? Simplify the job using a model you can create with SAP enterprise modeling applications by Software AG. A graphical format will help you quickly identify problem areas and fix them.

Two professionals using enterprise modeling software on a laptop

See the Power of SAP Enterprise Modeling

There's nothing quite like a model for visualizing your business processes, viewing applications, and comparing current and future process states. Here's a demo that explores how enterprise modeling can save time and costs.

Man reviewing process performance results on a bank of laptops

Optimize Your Business Processes

How well do your business processes run? SAP Process Performance Management can help you find out. This demo shows how you can monitor processes and their KPIs, visualize their performance, and analyze them in detail.

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