SAP Enterprise Support for New Customers: Overview Video

Discover the new-customer setup services provided through the SAP Enterprise Support premium level of support. These services can help jump-start your engagement and service plan through a defined delivery model.

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    • So you’re a new SAP client. Well, you’ve joined a community of best-run businesses that now have a competitive edge. Welcome. So what now? It’s implementation time. Hooray. In some cases, most business solutions companies would say thank you for your business and leave you to your own devices. But with SAP and SAP Enterprise Support, we provide a setup service to new customers. The setup service presents the key components of SAP Enterprise Support and jointly defines the further engagement and service plan to secure a successful implementation and go-live. An implementation project is complex. It takes time, resources, and money. Through a defined delivery plan, your core business processes and interfaces are optimized and the GoLive of your implementation is better secured. During the post-go live and operations phase, the support advisory experts stay in close contact with you, providing regular engagement reports and identifying additional optimization and innovation opportunities. So you’re able to support your business best by driving innovation from an IT perspective. Let us help you get your business up and running with SAP Enterprise Support. Click one of the links to learn more.
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