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  • "Boost Productivity and Employee Satisfaction with SAP Enterprise Learning" >

    Learn about SAP Enterprise Learning – a comprehensive enterprise learning environment in which business and learning processes can be managed and integrated. It helps ensure that your employees have the right skills by enabling course content management and providing classroom training and e-learning.

  • "Differentiate Your Institution and Serve Your Students Better " >

    Find out how institutions of higher education and research can build a student-centric culture that is more responsive to students’ needs. Learn how the SAP Student Lifecycle Management application can help you to better understand potential and current student needs and maximize strategic planning efforts.

  • "SAP Software: Instruction on Demand" >

    Find out how organizations are boosting employee productivity with an e-learning subscription from SAP, which offers learners access to one of four different libraries of online courses for 12 months at a single price. Employees spend less time away from the office and get training when and where they need it.

  • "SAP Education – A Culture of Continuous Learning: Overview Video " >

    See how SAP Education can create a culture of continuous learning to increase efficiency and growth across your entire workforce.

  • "Samarco" >

    Learn about how Samarco, a major Brazilian mining company, is supporting employee development across a widely dispersed organization with SAP Enterprise Learning. Samarco is preparing and managing e-learning, classroom, and virtual training via a single, easily accessible location for all materials and functions.

  • "Cooper Tire & Rubber Company" >

    When Cooper Tire & Rubber Company decided to deploy SAP ERP globally, it knew that training people to use the new software in the traditional classroom setting would be too complicated and expensive. So it opted for virtual live classroom training by SAP Education and achieved a 30% saving in training costs.

  • "Accelerate Business Intelligence Adoption with Interactive, Mobile Dashboards" >

    Learn how dashboard software from SAP helps you drive the adoption of business intelligence across your organization by letting you design and publish interactive, personalized dashboards that are mobile-ready on iPads and can be readily embedded wherever people need them.

  • "Driving Business Success from Enterprise Mobility with SAP Education Offerings " >

    Learn how SAP Education can give your employees the instruction they need to make enterprise mobility a reality for your business. Find out which curriculum offerings are best suited for your mobility architects, administrators, mobile application developers, and mobile device management solution administrators.

  • "IDC Marketscape: Worldwide IT Education and Trianing 2013 Vendor Analysis" >

    In this annual review, Cushing Anderson provides an analyst's vendor assessment model on the key technology vendors participating in the IT education market. SAP is called out as a leader in IT education because of its wide range of delivery modalities providing the best opportunity for clients to successfully deploy new software. (IDC, 2013).

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  • "SAP Solution Manager Integration: Workforce Performance Builder" >

    Find out how SAP Workforce Performance Builder software integrates with the SAP Solution Manager application management solution.

  • "Centralizing All of Your Training Needs – with SAP Education" >

    Explore how the SAP Enterprise Learning environment gives employees the training they need – in a classroom, online, or offline. With immediate access to relevant expert knowledge, your business benefits from fewer errors, full exploitation of solution power, and enhanced productivity.

  • "SAP Workforce Performance Builder: Building the Skills that Build Value" >

    Learn how SAP Workforce Performance Builder helps SAP customers quickly and effectively provide their user communities with skills that will build insight and value. Advanced features help keep support and training costs down and regulatory compliance high, and the design is intended for ease of deployment and use.

  • "Take Your SAP Mobile Platform Career to the Next Level with E-Academy Training " >

    Learn how you can work at your own pace, outside of a classroom, to gain expertise in using and configuring SAP solutions. Find out why many people choose our flexible, online training programs in financials, procurement, human capital management, and more. You can learn whenever and wherever you want.

  • "Faster ROI for Your Software Rollout" >

    Discover how SAP Workforce Performance Builder can help you meet your performance support challenges throughout the entire lifecycle of your applications from SAP and other vendors. A one-time recording generates a wide variety of output formats that can be used for simulations, documents, and context-sensitive help.

  • "Get Real Performance Insight with SAP User Experience Management by Knoa" >

    Learn how to optimize the performance of your SAP applications and of the people who use them with the SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa. With this software, you can assess how an application performs for each person and take corrective action to ensure that you get full value from your SAP products.

  • "Jump-Start Your Training Effort with Education Solutions from SAP" >

    Discover how you can train users cost effectively to gain the greatest value from your SAP software. Use SAP Knowledge Acceleration to hit the ground running with prebuilt training content. Customize prebuilt content with SAP Workforce Performance Builder rather than having to build content from scratch.

  • "Train Users for Proficiency in SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions" >

    Find out how to foster expertise in business intelligence software across your organization. SAP Knowledge Acceleration, in the version for SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions, helps staff members sharpen multifaceted skills and improve their proficiency with dashboards and reports – whatever their current level.

  • "Make Learning as Mobile as Your Workforce" >

    Discover how the SAP Learning Assistant mobile app enables employees to easily find and access learning content on their familiar tablets. On-the-go workers can access on-demand, online training anytime, anywhere, and find required classes to quickly address compliance and job requirements.

  • "SAP Education: Essential to Success" >

    Discover how you maximize the value of your SAP software with SAP Education offerings. From basic skills for beginners to targeted training and certification for project managers and expert users, SAP Education delivers training any way you want it – from instructor-led courses to virtual live training to flexible e-learning.

  • "Boost Operational Efficiency with SAP Workforce Performance Builder" >

    Discover how you can give your employees the end-user training they need, whenever they need it, with SAP Workforce Performance Builder software. This software is the standard for creating, distributing, and managing context-sensitive user help, process documentation, rapid e-learning, and test scripts.


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