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  • "Reap the Rewards of Your Certification with Credential Manager" >

    Find out how professionals certified by SAP are using the Credential Manager portal, a complimentary service from SAP, to manage their certifications and make it easy for others to learn about and verify those certifications.

  • "Get Ahead of the Curve with SAP Education" >

    Find out how to deliver access to the knowledge that will put your consultants ahead of the competition. Learn how SAP Education for training and certification can make your workforce invaluable to customers. Learn how you can accelerate time to value, maximize billable days, and minimize opportunity costs.

  • "Boost Productivity and Employee Satisfaction with SAP Enterprise Learning" >

    Learn about SAP Enterprise Learning – a comprehensive enterprise learning environment in which business and learning processes can be managed and integrated. It helps ensure that your employees have the right skills by enabling course content management and providing classroom training and e-learning.

  • "Boost Operational Efficiency with SAP Workforce Performance Builder" >

    Discover how you can give your employees the end-user training they need, whenever they need it, with SAP Workforce Performance Builder. This software is the standard for creating, distributing, and managing context-sensitive user help, process documentation, rapid e-learning, and test scripts.

  • "Navigator Option of SAP Workforce Performance Builder Boosts User Efficiency" >

    Glance over the main points of how the navigator option of SAP Workforce Performance Builder software delivers state-of-the-art performance support to boost operational efficiency. It gives your workforce the end-user training for SAP software it needs, whenever they need it.

  • "Make Learning as Mobile as Your Workforce" >

    Discover how the SAP Learning Assistant mobile app enables employees to easily find and access learning content on their familiar Pad tablets. On-the-go workers can access on-demand, online training anytime, anywhere, and find required classes to quickly address compliance and job requirements.

  • "Access Up-to-Date Content with SAP Learning Hub, Partner Edition" >

    SAP Learning Hub, partner edition, is the way to keep your consultants’ knowledge about SAP software up-to-date in a competitive business environment. They get 24x7 online access to learning content from the SAP Education organization. Progress reports let your managers assign the best-suited consultants to specific projects.

  • "Case Study: Why students invest and up-skill in SAP." >

    SAP training and certification programs are globally designed and highly respected by employees and employers alike in top tier Fortune companies around the world.

  • "Accelerate Business Intelligence Adoption with Interactive, Mobile Dashboards " >

    Learn how SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards software helps you drive the adoption of business intelligence across your organization by letting you design and publish interactive, personalized dashboards that are mobile ready on iPads and readily embedded wherever people need them.

  • "Share Knowledge Across Your Entire Ecosystem with SAP Learning Solution" >

    Discover how you can keep partners, suppliers, and customers up-to-date on products and policies by consolidating the learning tools and information they need in one Web-based location. SAP Learning Solution, option for the extended learning community, helps you deliver training beyond your own organization.

  • "Take your career to the next level with SAP uAcademy program" >

    Learn why the SAP Education organization offers SAP uAcademy programs – remotely delivered training packages that give you flexible access to e-learning content, training systems, and help desk support.

  • "SAP Software: Instruction on Demand" >

    Find out how organizations are boosting employee productivity with an e-learning subscription from SAP, which offers learners access to one of four different libraries of online courses for 12 months at a single price. Employees spend less time away from the office and get training when and where they need it.

  • "Add Value and Enable Student Success with Online Training on SAP Software" >

    The SAP Student Academy program enables educational institutions to offer their students specialized SAP software training. Find out how the program delivers highly valued content that differentiates your institution, increase your students’ employability, and help meet a market need for candidates with SAP skills.


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