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  • "Thompson Creek Window Company: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Thompson Creek Window Company implemented SAP Business All-in-One and Business Communications Management Rapid-Deployment Solution to manage growth, expand into new markets and improve budgeting and planning.

  • "Lionsgate 360 Degree Customer Video" >

    Learn how the Lionsgate is a leader in the film and TV industry with a long string of edgy hits. Lionsgate pulls this off with a mixture of entrepreneurial spirit and with their SAP ERP, BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation, Intellectual Property Management, and Netweaver Business Warehouse applications.

  • "SAP Financial Excellence Tip In a Minute: Tips launched by SAP by Richard McLean" >

    Achieve Financail Excellence: Tips launched by SAP - best practices, customer success and benchmarking.

  • "Talent Management with SAP ERP HCM: Automating Succession Planning" >

    Discover how SAP ERP HCM can help your talent managers assign competencies to job areas, find potential successors, identify top performers, and set up long-term employee development plans.

  • "SAP Financial Excellence Tip In a Minute: Shared Service function tips by Adrian Wicks" >

    In this Financial Excellence tip, Adrian Wicks will be talking you through how the Shared Service function can help your finance team run better.

  • "Deepak Fasteners Limited" >

    Using the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution and the SAP Payroll and Time Change Management application, Deepak Fasteners Limited has centralized HR data across five personnel areas. With its new employee interaction center, the DFL family can come closer together.

  • "Manage Travel, Control Corporate Travel Costs, and Increase Compliance" >

    Learn how to streamline the trip lifecycle to better control travel expenses and help ensure compliance with corporate and legal policies. Find out how SAP solutions help integrate financial processes for faster reconciliation and payments with reduced errors, and better cash management.

  • "Fast, Trusted Data Migration to Your SAP Solutions" >

    Find out how companies are using the package for rapid data migration to SAP ERP and SAP CRM to solve the problem of bad data from legacy systems and mergers. Data is cleansed and transformed to target formats, validated, and loaded into SAP ERP and SAP CRM to support efficient core processes and decision making.

  • "SAP Financial Excellence Tip In a Minute: Accounting and Financial Close tips by Tim Woodman" >

    In this Financial Excellence tip, Tim Woodman will be talking you through how streamlining the Accounting and Financial Close process can help your finance team run better.

  • "Gloucestershire County Council" >

    Learn how Gloucestershire County Council has expanded its shared-service center, helping many other public entities do more with less - and reduce reliance on external suppliers. Use of SAP ERP and SAP Interactive Forms has earned the Council recognition for best technology development and best user of self-service.

  • "Ningbo Pointe" >

    Learn about how Ningbo Pointe Bicycle Company standardized its production process and integrated its financial and business processes with the SAP ERP for Manufacturing in China rapid-deployment solution. Implemented in 12 weeks, it boosted control, reduced inventory, cut procurement costs, and improved quality.

  • "IntelePeer: 360 Degree Customer Video" >

    Learn how IntelePeer is using the SAP® Business ByDesign™ solution to improve its financials, customer relationship management, personnel administration, and project management.

  • "Mercury Engineering HCM CSS " >

    Learn why this world-class engineering and construction company turned to SAP ERP HCM when it needed to unify operations and expand, enabling it to manage processes, projects, and people more efficiently and giving it the transparency to head off project-related problems for safer operations and higher profitability.

  • "GreenBlue: 360 Degree Customer Video" >

    GreenBlue Inc. delivers cost savings and lowers carbon emissions through an injection of a hydrogen-based catalyst into diesel engines for more efficient fuel combustion. SAP® Business All-in-One was implemented in just four weeks to better commercialize its own innovative technology as efficiently as possible.

  • "Optimize and Streamline Trading, Inventory, and Financial Activities" >

    Find out how trading organizations can gain a unified view of the business and visibility into real-time data with the SAP ERP for Trading rapid-deployment solution powered by SAP HANA. The solution helps manage multiple geographies, business units, ledgers, and currencies. The result: better margins.

  • "ERIKS: Faster Results with Agile ASAP Methodology" >

    See how this major Dutch international industrial service provider introduced a practical, agile implementation approach based on the ASAP methodology to implement functionality in short, iterative cycles. With the insight the methodology provided, it could develop the most valuable functions first and deliver fast.

  • "Proactive Collections Management with SAP Software" >

    Find out how you can proactively identify, prioritize, and target your company's most critical delinquent accounts using SAP Collections Management. By facilitating the collection of outstanding receivables, this SAP application also helps improve cash flow and maximize working capital.

  • "Taronga Conservation Society Australia 2012" >

    Hear how Taronga Conservation Society Australia are using SAP to help run their business better.

  • "SAP ERP: Simplifying Order-to-Cash Processes" >

    See how SAP ERP allows you to view complete customer information, access pricing and available-to-promise data, quickly and easily create sales orders, and manage related tasks such as sales analytics. You have the tools you need to optimize sales and interaction channels, deliver superior customer service, and simplify order-to-cash processes.

  • "Lean Catalog for SAP ERP" >

    Learn how the lean catalog feature for SAP ERP, a purchasing catalog, gives you a Web application for product searches and an editing cockpit for defining your internal catalog range – while offering the highest level of integration into your existing procurement processes with minimum operating costs.


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