SAP Spend Performance Management Rapid-Deployment Solution Overview Video

Learn how SAP’s Spend Performance Management rapid-deployment solution assists companies in analyzing and reducing spend and helps ensure that corporate guidelines are being followed throughout the organization.

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    • SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management: Rapid-deployment solution. With intense global competition and more-demanding customers, streamlining procurement is not optional – it’s necessary. You want to select the best opportunities for savings, and ensure that internal policies and negotiated savings are realized. You want to choose quality suppliers, and prioritize and manage supplier risk. And, you want to meet the reporting requirements of governments and internal audits more efficiently. That’s where the SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management rapid-deployment solution comes in. It’s preconfigured software that helps you eliminate the guesswork. You can deploy it quickly and affordably, and be up and running in as little as twelve weeks. The software lets you automatically access spend, financial, operational procurement and master data from SAP data sources. You get a superior tool to extract, transform, and load data that improves connectivity to non-SAP structured and unstructured data. Proven methods and technology for accurate, reliable data quality lets you validate, normalize, and enrich your records. And, you can get immediate market insight through support for external data feeds. With quality data, you can keep tight watch over the quality and performance of your purchases and the suppliers who provide them. And, with powerful out-of-the-box analytics you have insight into savings and supplier risk. You can track supplier risk by categories – such as item, buying location, and spend volume – and evaluate risk for alternate suppliers. You can monitor contract compliance for utilization, leakage, and off-contract purchasing, and track variances from contracted amounts. The software lets you discover potential savings with supplier-price optimization to find the best price for an item and order quantities accordingly. You get visibility of spend patterns across the entire company, for timely and informed decision making. You can set key performance indicators – KPIs − for competitive advantage, and align procurement goals to track compliance with corporate strategies. And, you can see the key contributors to variance and root causes for substandard performance, so you can make decisions and take action. You can capture insight in reports for spend, supply base, contracts, supplier risk, and procurement KPIs, and you can track KPIs, budgets, and financial performance metrics. With detailed, drill-down analysis, you can quantify the impact of various factors to make decisions efficiently, with confidence, and without time-consuming data mining. At the same time, you can create transparency of information across the company. All of this helps you evolve from reporting and analysis to performance management, so you can focus valuable procurement resources on top initiatives. With a rapid deployment of SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management, you get a clear path to your vision for managing spend performance. Are you ready-to-run?
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