SAP Cloud for Sales Demo - Quick Overview

See how SAP Cloud for Sales helps you work intuitively by leveraging social collaboration capabilities you already know how to use. It also enables fast, effective team collaboration and account management to help you sell more effectively.

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    • SAP Sales OnDemand quick overview. SAP Sales OnDemand is designed for salespeople like you and the way you sell today. The solution is intuitive, leveraging social collaboration capabilities you already know how to use. It enables you to rapidly collaborate with your sales team and efficiently manage accounts. I’m Mike Summers, a salesperson. Let me show you how I prepare for an important final close meeting tomorrow with my customer FutureVision. First, you’ll notice that I’m in Feed. This is where I get real-time updates on the people and information I care about. Hovering over hyperlinked items in Feed gives me a snapshot of key information about that item. For example, hovering over an opportunity provides me with a quick view of status, sales phase, and other relevant information. In Feed, I can also communicate with my sales team and business network on important topics. I see here that my manager, Diane, just posted a message reminding me to get references for my final meeting with FutureVision. Let’s take a closer look at FutureVision by clicking on the link. Here you can see I get a complete view of my customer. I can post messages to my team, follow the account, or flag it for future reference. I can also see the latest updates and quickly engage with my team on opportunities and activities, all within the context of the account. Thanks to these sales analytics, I can keep an eye on how FutureVision is performing compared to my other accounts, and I can track the account revenue I’ve closed quarter-by-quarter. With SAP Sales OnDemand, it’s easy to manage and update key sales information such as accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, activities, and competitors. I can track the status of my sales with real-time analytics. I can also check and update my profile. On the left, there’s a global tool palette that provides easy access to data no matter where I am in the application, allowing me to work efficiently. Using the search capability, I can immediately find relevant information for my accounts. There are also quick-create actions that allow me to instantly create new accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and activities. On the right, there’s another global tool palette that provides quick access to my Feeds from anywhere in the application. From this right tool palette, I can also follow and collaborate with other colleagues in the employee directory. For example, I’ve heard that Phil Hughes is a top salesperson. I can look up Phil in the directory and follow him to learn successful selling tips. I can also direct-message Phil by dragging his record into Feed. I’ll send him a message now. I can see popular tags that categorize accounts by helpful attributes. By clicking on the reference tag, I can quickly find referenceable accounts and follow up on my manager’s request. I see here that Kixo is in the same industry and region as my account FutureVision. With the tags capability, I was able to quickly find a great reference account. In the shelf pane, I can see items that I’ve flagged or marked as favorite for easy access later. Let me flag the Kixo account so that I can quickly find the reference information when I need it. I’m also going to follow this account, as I may get some good selling insights from the Kixo account team. As you can see, SAP Sales OnDemand is intuitive, leveraging social collaboration capabilities you already know how to use. It enables you to rapidly collaborate with your team and effic
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