SAP Employee File Management by Open Text

Find out how you can use the SAP Employee File Management application by Open Text to centrally manage all employee records – both paper and electronic, eliminate the need to copy and send paper personnel files between locations, and provide the right people with self-service access to employee records.

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    • SAP Employee File Management by Open Text: Simplifying management of worker-related documents and access to digital master data files In this demonstration, you’ll see how the SAP Employee File Management application by Open Text allows you to scan and attach a document to a personnel file, access and annotate a document,and access a document using employee self service and manager self service functionality Now you can securely store and attach documents to personnel files, as well increase productivity by giving people quick and easy access to relevant information. Scan and attach a document to a worker’s personnel file. In this example, Scott Granger works in the HR department of his company. He received a hardcopy document of an employment contract for Sally Thompson, a new hire. Scott scans in the contract, adds the date of origin, and attaches it to Miss Thompson’s personnel file. Now he can see the scanned document in the application. The document is now securely archived and linked to the contract folder of Sally Thompson. From now on, the document can be accessed and viewed in an electronic format by employees with the appropriate access rights. Access and annotate a document. In this example, Kylie Watson is the manager of the HR department. She wants to add notes to Miss Thompson’s contract. Using SAP Employee File Management, she uses Sally’s name to quickly search the master data records and find the contract that was scanned earlier. In seconds, she’s opened the contract of Sally Thompson and starts reviewing it. First, she highlights important information. Then she makes a few notes and marks it as the latest version of the contract. SAP Employee File Management automatically creates an audit trail by adding Kylie’s username and a timestamp. Give employees and managers access personnel files via self-service functionality Sally Thompson is a new employee at this company. She uses SAP Employee File Management to view the documents in her personnel file that the HR department has given her permission to view. The folder structure, defined by the HR department, can be modified as needs change. Clicking on “all facsimiles,” Sally uses a thumbnail view to quickly scan all documents in her personnel file. Sally decides to open up her employment contract and views the notes made by the HR department. Sally’s manager can also view her employee records in Manager Self Service (MSS), in accordance with his manager-level access rights. With SAP Employee File Management, managing all employee records – both paper and electronic – has never been easier. The software eliminates the need to copy and send complete paper personnel files from location to location while ensuring greater security, efficiency, and flexibility. At the same time, you can provide fast, self-service access to these records to the people who need them most.
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