SAP Business ByDesign – Maximize Your Return with Go Live Services

See how SAP Business ByDesign can help maximize your return for small or midsize business with an integrated business solution that supports core business processes.

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    • SAP Business ByDesign: Maximize your return with go-live services. Implementing new business software is an investment in your business. But how do you maximize the return on that investment? First, you keep your software costs low by choosing a comprehensive, integrated solution offered with subscription-based pricing and no hidden fees. That’s the SAP Business ByDesign solution.  Then, you work with experts to optimize the software and the roll-out process for your business. You need those experts to be business people with years of practical business experience not just savvy computer programmers. You need them to understand what you do, how you work, and what makes your company unique and they need to be able to provide affordable services. These are the experts that SAP provides on your behalf. Go-live services for SAP Business ByDesign are specifically designed to help deliver the biggest return on your software investment, with the lowest risk to your business. Every engagement is managed against a clearly defined scope with a fixed, affordable price. With this model, we can offer our customers predictable results at a predictable cost to help reduce your risk and set your business software implementation up for success. In fact, since SAP Business ByDesign has intuitive yet powerful business configuration technology, our go-live services concentrate on your business rather than on software  programming. Our methodology focuses on fine-tuning the configuration of the software to fit your business and on helping your key employees manage the changes that occur as your company adopts the solution. Implementing business software in this way creates a stable basis for growth so you can take full advantage of the unique scoping technology in SAP Business ByDesign to adapt the solution as your business needs change in the future. SAP offers a range of services for going live  that help you quickly implement SAP Business ByDesign while still optimizing your resources. You can decide if your team will do most of the work with the assistance of a trusted SAP advisor or if SAP will manage almost everything and deliver software that’s ready to run. Either way, your go-live project will follow a clear, predictable, and cost-effective plan. For a detailed comparison of our execution and assistance options for going live, visit the SAP Business ByDesign Business Center site at    W-W-W dot S-M-E dot S-A-P dot C-O-M and search on the key words, “go live.” You can learn more about the solution and related services by going to SAP Business ByDesign Business Center and downloading one of our white papers. By investing in SAP Business ByDesign, you give your business the software it needs to succeed and you get a partner to help you maximize your success. The best-run businesses run SAP.
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