SAP Business ByDesign – Integrated Business Management

See how the SAP Business ByDesign solution can help you run your small or midsize business with an integrated business solution that supports core business processes.

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    • SAP Business ByDesign Integrated business management. One business, one team. When you look at your business, do you see one team working for a common goal? Does the software you use to run your business reflect that? Or are you using an assortment of solutions to manage key parts of your business like sales pipelines, financial accounting, customer service, inventory, manufacturing, and so on? Do these solutions talk to one another or do they exist as silos that prevent you from achieving your goals? At SAP, we see your business as one team that needs one integrated software solution so you can provide a single source of truth that everyone in the business can rely on to achieve their goals. The SAP Business ByDesign solution helps you integrate all of a company’s key business functions for finance, HR, CRM, supply chain, and procurement, and links them right back to the financial transactions that serve as their foundation. This supports business processes that span organizational boundaries and helps ensure that data flows unhindered across the entire company instead of being siloed in a particular functional or departmental area. This diagram illustrates how steps in a process, like order to cash, link directly to accounting documents that are updated as the process moves along. To help you see this linkage as you use the software, SAP Business ByDesign provides a powerful visual depiction of the relationships between the various operational and accounting records that are part of the process. This helps everyone involved trace the entire history of the process in seconds something that most other solutions can’t even do. SAP Business ByDesign has integrated analytics functionality and flexible reporting options so businesses can take advantage of timely and accurate information that is delivered in context to every user based on the user’s role. This includes graphical information embedded in transaction screens, role-based dashboards, and more ad hoc reporting options using SAP Crystal Reports software and Microsoft Excel. This gives users the information they need to make better and more-timely decisions while increasing their productivity and effectiveness. SAP Business ByDesign provides not just traditional reports and dashboards, but also advanced analytics delivered with the power of in-memory technology. This means there is a continuous real-time link between insight, foresight, and action that helps you make better decisions as a business. In more practical terms, you can react faster to events impacting your operations, you can pull the information you want when you need it fast, and you can plan scenarios more frequently. And since you are likely very familiar with Microsoft Excel, you can open a report in Excel and manipulate the data using an interface you are already comfortable with. SAP Business ByDesign gives you unprecedented visibility and control over your business, and helps ensure that everyone in your organization is working from the same single source of truth helping to reduce risk and enable fact-based decision making. The best-run businesses run SAP.
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