SAP Business ByDesign Project Management – Improving Project Management Effectiveness

See how the project management functionality in SAP Business ByDesign can help companies manage projects more effectively, completing them on time and more cost-effectively.

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    • SAP Business ByDesign improving project management effectiveness. In this demo, you'll see how the SAP Business ByDesign solution enables you to improve project management effectiveness, positively impact project delivery, and run projects more profitably. In this example, project manager Bob Menson logs on to SAP Business ByDesign to open and manage a new project. In the project management work center, Bob selects the project view and opens a new project from the drop-down menu. This action opens a new project window. In the project type field, he selects research and development from the drop-down list. In the source field, he selects template and clicks next. Bob has a prior research and development project that will be used as the template for his new project. Using this template, Bob can define the project; notice that SAP Business ByDesign automatically generates a project id number. If he prefers, Bob can assign his own project id. The project name and start date are automatically populated from a previous screen. So Bob enters a description for the new project and selects himself as the person responsible. The responsible unit field will populate automatically based on Bob’s profile. He’ll complete the next two steps later, so he skips them, and clicks finish to complete the project setup. Next Bob will plan the project structure using phases, tasks, and milestones. To begin setting up the project, Bob highlights his project in the list, clicks the edit button, and selects project plan. This takes him to the maintain project window where he can edit various aspects of the project. Bob wants to delegate a particular phase of the project to a colleague, so he selects the product requirement specification phase from the Gantt chart. Bob clicks on the basic data tab, locates the person responsible field, and from the pop-up list, selects Kate Jacob. In addition to creating and delegating tasks, Bob also needs to plan certain expenditures for the product requirement specification phase. To do this, Bob clicks on the expenses tab and in the expense field, he selects travel lodging from the pop-up menu. In the adjacent planned expenses field, Bob enters 1,000 and selects “USD” from the currency option and clicks save. Bob also needs to add a task – so he clicks the add button and selects task from the drop down list. He highlights where he wants to add a row and clicks the indent button. To define this new task, Bob selects the basic data tab and in the project-task name field, he enters “specify,” and “15 days” in the duration field. To complete the creation of this task, Bob clicks on the work tab. In the service field, he selects development from the drop down list and enters 100 hours in the planned work field. Bob has defined the project successfully so he clicks save and close. As you have seen, the SAP Business ByDesign solution simplifies project management tasks so you can improve project management effectiveness, positively impact project delivery, and run projects more profitably.
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