SAP Business ByDesign – Accounting and Organization Management

Learn how you can use SAP Business ByDesign to unify accounting and organizational management. The software makes it easy to build a complete corporate organizational model against which everyone can process operational transactions, enabling you to analyze financial and operational data more easily and reliably.

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    • SAP Business ByDesign – Accounting and Organization Management Does your software understand both your operations and your finances? I know it may seem like a strange question, so let me ask it differently. Does your software automatically update your general ledger when you log time to a project? Does your software consider your organizational structure when posting a journal entry? The SAP Business ByDesign solution  does. Since it’s a fully integrated solution, SAP Business ByDesign views financial structures as additional attributes of your organization – for instance, your sales office in Chicago has an address, a manager,some sales people and is also a profit center related to your Chicago-area customer group. To help you define your organization and these attributes in the software, SAP Business ByDesign provides a graphical modeling tool that allows you to build an organizational chart of your business. This org chart serves as the backbone for everything related to your business, from managing departmental roll-ups to establishing approval routings for purchasing or timesheets. It even acts as the foundation for all authorizations and security. Best of all, it puts everyone on the same page when it comes to defining your organization. With this org chart completed, you can quickly set the relevant key attributes for each element of your organization. These attributes can include everything from a physical location to financial attributes, such as working currency and cost center. Again, since this is a single, common model of your business used by everyone in your organization, the attributes will span all functional areas and ensure consistency and integrity in your data. The power of this corporate organizational model is that with everyone processing operational transactions against the same corporate structure, you can more easily and reliably analyze financial and operational data. For instance, when analyzing your company’s performance, you can combine key attributes – for example, things like sales region, customer group, or product – to look at your financial data virtually any way you want to. With SAP Business ByDesign, you have the power to make business decisions based not only on facts, but while taking into account the strategic makeup of your organization. The best-run businesses run SAP.
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