Managing Sales Strategy with SAP Business ByDesign

See how the marketing and sales management functionality of the SAP Business ByDesign solution helps sales teams manage their leads, opportunities, and customer orders to ensure goal achievement and help your company meet its revenue targets.

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    • Opportunity Management with SAP Business ByDesign Improving sales effectiveness. In this demo, you’ll see how the SAP Business ByDesign solution enables you to manage leads, sales opportunities, quotes, and customer orders. SAP Business ByDesign is an integrated, solution that’s delivered on-demand through a single interface and supports core business processes for small and midsize businesses. In this example, I’m a marketing manager at my company and have just completed a marketing campaign. I want to enter a new lead in SAP Business ByDesign manually. In most cases, this would be inefficient unless there were only a few leads. SAP Business ByDesign also supports the uploading of large numbers of leads to the solution from Microsoft Excel. To enter a lead manually, I select “New Lead” from the Common task list in the Marketing work center. This opens the New Lead window where I’ll enter the contact details. I begin entering the company name − Silverstar Wholesale Corp. and the rest is prefilled from the company master list because my company already has a relationship with Silverstar. Next, I enter the opportunity description. In the Qualification field, I categorize it as a “Hot” opportunity due to the level of interest that Silverstar expressed, and select the source from the menu options. Finally, I want to assign the lead to the account sales rep. I add a note to help her, save the lead, and click the “Handover” button to send it to the sales queue. In this example, I’m a sales rep at my company. I open my NEW BUSINESS work center, select “Open Tasks” from the show field, and see the lead that has just been handed over to me. I click on the lead. This opens the Lead Overview window where I click on the EDIT button to view the details. Satisfied that it meets my company’s qualification criteria, I click the ACCEPT button, select “Accept and Follow Up Opportunity,” and select the appropriate reason in the pop-up status box. Now, I return to my NEW BUSINESS work center, refresh the list, open the Opportunities, and see that the Table view is already selected. I click on the opportunity I just accepted and that opens the “Opportunity Overview” window. This screen allows me to see detailed information about the Silverstar opportunity. I click the “EDIT” button to update the pipeline status. I select “Quotation” from the drop-down list and save my changes. Now, I want to review the status of my pipeline, so I return to the NEW BUSINES work center and select the “Opportunity Pipeline” view. Here, I can look at several views of my opportunities to give me a sense of how I’m performing against quota. Now, I return to the NEW BUSINESS work center to create a quote for Silverstar. I click on the FOLLOW UP button and from the drop-down menu, select “Sales Quote” This launches the New Sales Quote screen where many of the account’s details are prepopulated. I move to the Items box and enter the data needed to create the quote. Product information is selected from a drop-down list. I enter the quantity, and the quote is calculated automatically. Company policy requires that sales quotes over a certain amount be approved before being sent to the customer, so I click the “approval note” tab and enter a note to my boss. I save the quote and click the “Submit” button to send it to my manager for approval. In this example, I’m a regional sales VP of the company. I click MANAGING MY AREA in SAP Business ByDesign and see the “Approvals” view. I sel
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