Project Management Analytics and Reporting with SAP Business ByDesign

Watch this demonstration of the project management analytics and reporting capabilities in the SAP Business ByDesign solution. Project managers can use them to track project performance to stay on schedule and within budget.

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    • Monitoring projects with SAP Business ByDesign: Getting a comprehensive overview. In this demo, you’ll see how the SAP Business ByDesign solution enables you to use powerful analytics and reporting to manage complex projects, and help your projects stay on schedule and on budget. SAP Business ByDesign is an integrated solution that’s delivered on-demand through a single interface and supports core business processes for small and midsize businesses. In this example, I’m a project manager at my company. And I use SAP Business ByDesign to manage our projects. In my PROJECT MANAGEMENT work center, in the “overview” area, an analytic chart shows me at a glance how my most important projects are progressing. Satisfied that everything is OK, I open the “projects” view and select “my active projects” from the show field to bring up a comprehensive list of all the projects I’m working on. I need to update one of my projects, so I highlight the project in the list, click the EDIT button, and select Project Overview. This opens the Maintain Projects screen. In the Project Overview area, the graphs I see give me insight into how this particular project is progressing. I review the Plan/Actual Costs and Plan/Actual Work charts to get a high-level overview. Scrolling down the same page, I can drill down through a list of reports and choose categories such as financials, project management, trend analysis, and procurement to get even more detail. I click on Project Performance by Project Structure to open a report window. I quickly review this and close the report. Next, I want to view the total work billed against this project, so I select the Project Time Recordings report from the list. I want to know how much has been billed against the project, so I select the Project Costs and Revenues by Project Structure report from the list and view the total revenues and expenditures by each project phase. Now, I want perform a “what if” analysis, so I click on the EXPORT button and create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. SAP Business ByDesign integrates with Microsoft Excel, so I can refresh the report periodically with the most up-to-date information as things change. I’m always working with the most current information, which allows me to stay on top of the projects I’m managing. As you have seen, SAP Business ByDesign allows you to manage complex projects, use powerful analytics and reporting to measure how projects are performing on several dimensions, and help ensure they’re on schedule and on budget.
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