SAP CRM Rapid Deployment Edition – A Powerful, Easy-to-Deploy Solution For Sales Professionals: Product Demo

See how the SAP CRM rapid deployment edition, together with implementation services, helps your team prepare for customer meetings, track progress easily, and positively influence deal closure. Managers can assign the right reps to the right opportunities to optimize potential profitability and customer satisfaction.

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    • SAP CRM rapid deployment edition: a powerful, easy-to-deploy solution for sales professionals. In this demo, you'll see how SAP CRM enables you to be well-prepared for customer meetings, track progress easily, positively influence deal closure, and smartly assign the right reps to the right opportunities. With this solution, your sales team is better equipped to close deals fast, collect cash quickly, and make customers happy. In this example, I'm a sales rep responsible for named accounts in Europe. I open my SAP CRM home page, the personalized workspace where I keep the information most pertinent to my customers and deals. I need to update my forecast based on recent meetings with customers and prospects. With a single click, I can access my top deals. The deal at one prospect, High Tech Computing, is progressing nicely, and the prospect is nearing a decision. I'm confident we'll win, so I update the sales stage for that opportunity. At another prospect, DAS Technology, a new decision maker has been added to the steering committee. We won't be able to close the deal without his buy-in, so I add him to the account. I can very quickly specify the new contact's role, his level of influence, and his significance to the deal. Next, I need to prepare for an onsite meeting with a key customer, Adetos Systems. I can quickly access my calendar in SAP CRM and attach an account fact sheet to help me prepare for the meeting. My calendar is automatically synched with Microsoft Outlook, so now I have offline access to the customer's recent orders, open invoices, current credit status, and more. I'll review the details during my flight, so I'll be fully prepared to discuss the terms of the deal we're trying to close with them this quarter. In this example, I'm a sales director responsible for a sales team in Europe. I open my SAP CRM home page, the personalized workspace where I can quickly see what I need to do today to help my team succeed and where I can identify what can be done right now to move deals closer to closure. I want to spend some time reviewing my team's deals, but first I need to free up time in my calendar. I have a training session that will only take an hour, so I can update that meeting. Now I have the time to see how my team is tracking toward sales quotas. I simply click on the target-to-date link in pipeline performance. It looks like we're just about there for the quarter. But I want to know what I can do today to move one of these deals over the line so we can make all our numbers. I first look at how deals are progressing through the sales cycle. Then, I simply filter on opportunities at risk to see which deals I might need to step in and help accelerate. The opportunity with Thalix Group is promising, so I change the status from At Risk to In Process. I also assign a product expert to the team. I then schedule time with my sales reps to discuss collaborating on the opportunity and shifting their focus from another stalled opportunity to this one. After meeting with the customer, I learn that the strategy has worked. By focusing our energy on key opportunities, we not only accelerated the deal, but we also increased the size of the opportunity. I can now mark the opportunity as a deal we have won. And when I check my pipeline performance again, I can see that the deal has pushed us over the line for the quarter. As you have seen, the SAP CRM rapid deployment edition is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that helps sales reps
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