SAP BusinessObjects Solutions – Leverage Real-Time Point-of-Sale Data to Drive Retail Sales Velocity: Overview Video

Learn how SAP BusinessObjects solutions help retail organizations achieve visibility into demand information as well as external and internal factors influencing demand to drive the speed of retail sales.

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    • SAP BusinessObjects solutions: Leverage real-time, point-of-sale data to drive the speed of retail sales. Retailing is driven by shopper-demand more than ever. Discerning shoppers demand more but want to pay less, and they’ll let price override loyalty. To differentiate, you need to cater to local preferences. Your product and pricing strategies need to be synchronized with shopper demand. For most retailers, the information they need to create these strategies, is locked in point-of-sale data. With SAP BusinessObjects solutions, you hold the key to creating effective merchandising, marketing, and pricing strategies. Using your point-of-sale data, these solutions work together to provide visibility into all product sales – including seasonal and promotional items – to isolate and uncover trends. The software offers powerful analytics, an intuitive user interface, and self-service information access. Business users at all levels of the organization, gain the visibility and insight they need, to boost sales and gross margin. With search and explore functionality, you can drill down into your data, and make informed decisions to optimize sales. The intuitive functionality uncovers potential out-of-stock merchandise, and deviations from plan, so you can quickly take action. It blends the speed and simplicity of an Internet search engine, with a sophisticated business intelligence tool. Use it to retrieve point-of-sale data, and run what-if scenarios, right from your desktop or mobile device. With this information, you can closely align product availability and assortment – with demand. You can more quickly identify trends that influence shoppers. And you can use real-time performance measures, to refine your merchandising and channel strategies. With dashboard and visualization functionality, you can access key business intelligence findings. Drop-down menus and sliders allow you to clearly present complex business data. Decision makers in merchandising and store operations can interact with data more easily. They can test out future business scenarios. And they can collaborate with other business units, like logistics and distribution, to reduce cost and avoid out-of-stock merchandise. Secure, live connections to enterprise data means information is always up to date – so you can make better, and more accurate, business decisions. With ad hoc query and analysis functionality, you gain self-service access to data, and intuitive information insight. The software empowers decision makers across the enterprise. With a few mouse clicks, users can create a query from scratch. They can format the results, making it easier to see trends and uncover root causes. The bottom line is – you can make better decisions in less time by turning insight into actionable information – in the time it takes to make a sale. Improved business intelligence insight, with SAP BusinessObjects, helps you drive retail sales. You gain deeper insight into shopper demand to create effective merchandising, marketing, and pricing strategies – with early indicators of sales and promotional effectiveness. Armed with this information, you can swiftly adapt plans, and drive performance, to maximize sales and profitability.
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