RFID-Enabled Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM Version): Product Demo

Learn how SAP solutions support exception management and fulfillment tracking, RFID-enabled warehouse operations, and proof of delivery and alert notification.

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    • RFID-enabled supply chain management optimizing your supply chain operations. This demonstration shows how SAP solutions such as SAP Supply Chain Management and the SAP NetWeaver platform enable exception management and fulfillment tracking RFID-enabled warehouse operations and proof of delivery and alert notification. Allowing you to share information up and down the supply chain collaborate with suppliers, carriers, and customers and respond quickly and accurately to rapid change. Exception management and fulfillment tracking Ken Anderson is a distribution manager for LogistiTrans, a logistics service provider. He receives a notice on his mobile device that an exception has occurred. A freight order has been affected by an inventory shortage. He's directed to check his SAP portal for more information. Ken views his SAP portal. He sees an alert for a freight order to his customer Resell International. A single click gives him complete data. He can view order details, including key events and their dates and status. He sees that the problem occurred during picking. He also sees that Resell International is a key customer. He drills down to better understand the customer relationship. A single click shows him delivery performance for important customers. He sees that this key performance indicator has declined during the past few months. He needs to resolve the problem quickly. He checks the availability of the desired product. Not enough material is available at the assigned warehouse. He checks an alternate warehouse. The alternate warehouse has enough projected stock. A single click enables him to reassign the material. He can now see that the stock is picked for the urgent order. As a result, the late order no longer appears as an alert. The order status has also been updated by the back-end system. RFID-enabled warehouse operations Taylor Brady is a supervisor at the alternate warehouse. A worker picks the material for the Resell International order. He then packs it into a container, attaches an RFID tag, and moves it through an RFID reader gate. Taylor tracks the packing activity with the auto-ID cockpit. It shows the packing and loading activities captured by the RFID reader. It also shows electronic product codes for both the pallets and the individual items. Proof of delivery and alert notification Chris Robertson is a manager at Resell International. He wants to check the order status so that he can provide an update to his own customer. He accesses the LogistiTrans customer portal and views the details of his order. He can see that picking, packing, and loading are complete. He issues a proof of delivery. The system is updated in real time. Ken Anderson, the LogistiTrans distribution manager, receives a notice on his mobile device. He has delivered the product on time and met his customer's needs.
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