Ateeco: Customer Reference Video

Ateeco Inc. makes and distributes the well-known Mrs. T's Pierogies throughout the United States. Learn how this growing company quickly deployed SAP Business All-in-One and is using the solution to close the books faster, capture real-time, accurate information, and build a foundation for the future.

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    • We're a family-owned business in northeastern Pennsylvania. We manufacture pierogies, and we distribute them nationally, and we also distribute them overseas in the military commissaries. Our strategic planning team was looking out into the future, and we were looking at growing profits and didn't feel we had a computer system or an infrastructure able to support that kind of growth that we were looking for. We looked at SAP as a foundation to allow us to build toward that end. We signed our contract in July of 2006, and so we had about a 60-day period where we tried to do as much homework on SAP and as much analysis on our current processes as we could to be ready for an October 1 blueprint. We did a blueprint in October. We went through a realization step where the consultants came on, they gathered our requirements through blueprint. They went away, configured the SAP solution, came back, allowed us to see it, allow for final changes. We went through testing, and then we went live January 1, 2007. That was great for us to be able to choose a solution that was preconfigured, allowed us to take things out of the box that gave us industry standards or best practices, and allowed us to leverage that in the solution. So we adopted best practices as part of the implementation. Today we're real-time. It's accurate. We have processes that support what's going on in the business, and SAP supports those processes. So we know the data is accurate and it is definitely real-time. So we know on the first day of close what our sales revenue is for the previous month. It used to take us I think seven days to close our month. We're now closing on Day Two. We're issuing sales reports on Day One, and we're issuing a flash close report on Day Two. So again, the real-time, accurate information makes our reconciliation faster. It means that there's less to key in at the end of the month, because everything is real-time throughout the month. So we improved the length of time it takes to report our financials. We also are posting our inventory real-time and back-flushing raw materials real-time, which allows our purchasing manager to see immediately what we're consuming. Our inventory would swing anywhere from 65% to 92%, depending upon when and where you were taking your inventory count. Today we're at 98.9% accurate with our inventory at any one of those locations at any time. The SAP Business All-in-One solution allows us to build a foundation that I can use to support the business. Our old computer system didn't allow that. It was a light manufacturing package, and we're heavy manufacturing. It, again, had batch processes and didn't really facilitate real-time information. So if we were going to change our business model or add a drastically different product or buy a business, we would have to work extremely hard to fit that into our old system. On SAP Business All-in-One, that gives me the foundation so that I can add on or change through configuration what I need to change to support however the business is changing.
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