Numerical Algorithms Group: Customer Reference Video

Numerical Algorithms Group is a leader in providing mathematical and statistical software to companies worldwide. Examine how the company is using SAP Business ByDesign to integrate operations, enable transparency, and gain a holistic view of the company.

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    • I didn't feel going in, necessarily, until I started meeting some of the SAP folks and saw how they interacted with us, that they would be well-adapted to dealing with small and medium-size companies like ourselves. And I was really surprised by how engaged they were, by the process that they had designed to help us out, and by the things that they brought to the table in terms of helping us overcome the traditional uncertainties of a small company undertaking a rather radical change in terms of how it's doing it. And that's been not just one or two people. That's been a half a dozen to a dozen people that I've dealt with from SAP. So it has, it's given me a much more positive view of the company and I can see ways in which we can contribute to each other, not just as a straight customer/vendor relationship, but truly as partners, because we're both in the software business, we're both in the business of helping people perform their organization's mission better.
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