Pacific Coast Feather: Customer Testimonial Video

Hear how Pacific Coast Feather deployed SAP CRM for their e-commerce and marketing needs, resulting in low TCO due to the integration with its other SAP products, increased revenue, and increased campaign conversion rates.

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    • I am Gwen Babcock. I am the CIO at Pacific Coast Feather company. Pacific Coast Feather is a small, family-owned business. We sell basic bedding products, which we manufacture and market, we sell to retailers and hospitality industry in North America, as well as Asia and Europe. Our primary business is done through face to face sales. But as we saw our growth increases diminishing in those channels, we decided to reach out to some new channels, which included direct to consumer and smaller business channels like Mum-and-Pup-Shops, furniture stores, mattress stores. And the best way for us to realize that growth and pursue that initiative of new channels was to do so through the web. And so we chose the SAP CRM E-commerce platform to pursue that initiative. When we decided to implement the E-commerce, we had already been using SAP ERP and business intelligence platforms for about 15 years. So we did not look at competitors’ products for CRM we have had a great deal of success with our SAP products, we had a strong skill set developed in our IT department and we felt the benefits of integration with our existing platform and the ability to leverage our technical and user skills in SAP was a great reason to just stick with the SAP products. We also felt that it would provide a significantly lower cost of ownership, because of the high degree of integration that came out of the package, right out of the box with SAP CRM and we have been very happy with that decision. I believe that our marketing team does see value in the CRM platform. They were not SAP users before we implemented CRM and they have adapted quite well to the user interface in CRM, the web-based interface has been an easy adoption for them. The CRM tools have been very effective in our marketing efforts. We have been able to increase revenue through our B2C and our B2B channels. We have also increased our conversion rates since converting to the current CRM platform. They have gone up as much as 1%, which may seem like a small amount, but in this economy our marketing team is very happy with that increase. We have also been able to use the CRM marketing functionality to provide more targeted and personalized campaign messaging, which I believe has also led to the increases in revenue.
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