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Move at the speed of change with our software for travel, leisure, transportation, and logistics services industries. Simplify and streamline your operations, better manage your fixed and moving assets, and get the real-time insight you need to deliver higher value services to your customers.

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Cargo being loaded into an airplane

Airfreight 2100: Running in Real Time

How is Airfreight 2100, a Philippine logistics solutions company, gaining accurate, up-to-the-minute information company-wide? By using the SAP ERP application and SAP best practices to reengineer its business processes – and ramp up efficiency.

Shipping freighter at sea

Panalpina: Ramping Up Efficiency

Panalpina is a leading international logistics company – one of the top 5 in air and freight. Hear how it’s using SAP Transportation Management to slash costs and improve quality and productivity – in this video with Panalpina CIO Guenther Denk.

Airplane getting loaded

IATA: Reducing Reporting Complexity

See how this airline transport association is simplifying budgeting, forecasting, and reporting with SAP Planning and Consolidation. IATA is streamlining the entire process - leveraging its transaction data to ensure accuracy and traceability.

SAP CEO Bill McDermott


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