Turn Big Data into a big advantage

Transform the way you work, govern, interact, and live – with Big Data

Re-invent new business possibilities, modernise operations, and make the best possible decisions in real time – with Big Data. Our state-of-the-art technology can help you harness unlimited Big Data from any source. Predict opportunities, risk and outliers before they unfold – and transact, analyse, and act instantly. Get ready to increase profits, boost employee productivity, and delight your customers in new and innovative ways.

With Big Data, you can re-imagine

  • Decision making: Empower every employee to make informed and intelligent decisions
  • Business processes: Accelerate and improve processes using real-time Big Data insights
  • Possibilities: Delight your customers with real-time engagement and differentiated experiences
  • Information technology: Simplify and modernise your IT strategies and landscape environment
  • Insights: View insights through a consumer’s lens, and get instant answers to complex business questions
          Chess piece, representing a competitive advantage with big data
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          Explore our solutions

          Learn how our flexible Big Data solutions can help separate your business from the pack.

          Employees exploring big data trends on a laptop

          Big Data: Why Now? What's New?

          Explore Big Data trends, strategies, and business impact – and find out how our data warehousing and analytical technologies can help your company turn Big Data into a major competitive advantage – in this information-packed white paper from IDC.

          Medical professionals using a tablet

          Data to Decision: What Can Data Do For You?

          Unlock the value of your data – even massive volumes of unstructured data from social media sources – with cutting-edge analytics from SAP. Watch this quick video to see how you can better connect with customers and turn data into decisions – faster.

          Network cables, representing big data technology drivers

          TDWI Report: Analytic Databases for Big Data

          Big Data analytics is the hottest new practice in business intelligence today. Find out what to look for in a Big Data analytics database – and explore technology such as columnar databases, in-memory, data streams, and Hadoop – in this TDWI report.

          SAP Sybase Portfolio

          Connect your workforce with the information they need – anytime and anywhere – and drive faster, better business decisions with SAP Sybase database solutions.