Meet the SAP Africa Executive Team

Get to know the leaders of SAP and how they will make sure the company continues to help companies do what they do best – only better.

  • Pfungwa Serima

    CEO, SAP Africa

    Pfungwa Serima

    Joined SAP: 2008.

    In his role as CEO of SAP Africa - Pfungwa Serima oversees SAP’s business interests in the African Continent which is made up of 4 Regions namely; Southern Africa Region, West Africa Region, East Africa Region and Francophone Africa Region. Prior to joining SAP Africa, Pfungwa worked for other leading ICT companies such as Microsoft and Accenture and he has more than 18 years of experience that cuts across both public and private sector organizations.

  • Richard Edet

    Regional MD, West Africa Region

    Richard Edet

    Joined SAP: 2011.

    Richard Edet is responsible for creating a solid foundation to sustain SAP’s growth in West Africa and comes with extensive experience from other leading international ICT companies.

  • Derek Kudsee

    COO, SAP Africa

    Derek Kudsee

    Joined SAP: 2006.

    Derek Kudsee started in the role of SME Director and in February 2011 he was appointed Chief Operating Officer SAP Africa. In this role Derek is responsible for leading Strategic Operations that will further build the SAP brand as a top ICT provider across the African continent, such as  Sales Operations Support, Marketing, Value Engineering, Strategic Alliance Management, Strategic Business Development, Corporate Affairs and Strategic Initiatives.

  • Desmond Nair

    Ecosystems and Channel Director, SAP Africa

    Desmond Nair

    Joined SAP: 2011.

    In his role, Desmond Nair is managing SAP’s extensive partner network across Africa, ensuring that SAP’s growing ‘ecosystem’ is supported and developed. Prior to joining SAP Africa, Nair spent over a decade in a leading Software company, where he oversaw the development of the company’s business in both the South African and Gulf Region.

  • Brett Parker

    Regional MD, Southern Africa Region (SADC)

    Brett Parker

    Re-joined SAP: 2009.

    Brett Parket took on the role as Regional Managing Director in January 2012.
    He has great experience in the SAP related markets. Prior to his recent role he was the Vice-President of SAP Emerging Markets Ecosystem & Channels for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA).

  • Deena Pillay

    CFO, SAP Africa

    Deena Pillay

    Joined SAP: 2012.

    Deena Pillay is a Chartered Accountant with over twelve years of experience in the ICT sector. As the CFO, Pillay focuses on supporting and guiding the SAP leadership in the Africa market. In addition he manages the IT and Facilities support teams.

  • Andrew Waititu

    Regional MD, East Africa Region

    Andrew Waititu

    Joined SAP: 2010.

    Having previously worked for other leading ICT companies in the Middle East and Africa, Andrew Waititu is responsible for business development in East Africa, where he will also ensure that SAP's expansion strategy is aligned with the region's broader development plans while strengthening SAP's presence in this growing market.

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