About SAP North America

A subsidiary of SAP SE, SAP North America oversees the company’s business operations in the U.S. and Canada.



SAP North America has more than 15,500 employees with more than 13,000 employees in the U.S. and more than 2,500 in Canada.


Management Team

  • North America Management Team
  • Jennifer Morgan, President
  • Dr. Rouven Bergmann, Chief Financial Officer
  • Richard (Rick) Knowles, Chief Operating Officer
  • Peter Black, Head of Procurement Line of Business
  • Deb Cupp, Head of Human Resources Line of Business
  • Bob Elliott, Managing Director, SAP Canada
  • Felix Feddersen, Head of Services
  • John Graham, Head of Ecosystem and Channels
  • Mary Beth Hanss, General Counsel, SAP America Inc.
  • Jeff Harvey, Head of North America Strategic Industries
  • Jeff Hess, Head of Industry Value Engineering
  • David J. Hutchison, Head of Marketing
  • Jeff Moses, Head of Customer Engagement and Commerce Line of Business
  • Donald (DJ) Paoni, Head of Strategic Customer Program
  • Jewell Parkinson, Head of Human Resources
  • Greg Petraetis, Head of Analytics
  • Colleen Rooney, Head of Communications
  • U.S. Management Team
  • Matt Laukaitis, Managing Director, Retail U.S.
  • Steve Shute, Managing Director, Midwest Region
  • Dave Spencer, Managing Director, East Region
  • John Tully, Managing Director, South Region
  • Canada Management Team
  • Bob Elliott, Managing Director, SAP Canada
  • Kirsten Sutton, Managing Director, SAP Labs Canada
  • Leagh Turner, Chief Operating Officer, SAP Canada
  • Mark Fawcett, Head of West Region Sales, SAP Canada
  • Randy Lenaghan, Head of Strategic Industries, SAP Canada
  • Dany Ortchanian, Head of East Region Sales, SAP Canada
  • Baerbel Ostertag, Head of Human Resources, SAP Canada
  • Mary Peterson, Head of General Business & Channels, SAP Canada
  • Chris Rhame, Head of Services, SAP Canada
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