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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Helping millions of children in 50 countries reach their potential

Plan International

€722 million (budget FY2014)

Number of Employees

Public Sector



Surrey, United Kingdom

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Line of Business
Human Resources

SAP Solutions
SAP Best Practices, SAP ERP Financials, SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM), SAP SuccessFactors


Fighting for their mission to help every child escape poverty 

Customer Snapshot: History

Who’s There for the Children?

Plan International was founded over 75 years ago, and is one of the oldest and largest child welfare organizations in the world. What started as one man helping a child who became orphaned from a war, has expanded over the decades into a global web of people passionate about their mission to support children in dire need.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Comprehensive, Complex, and Passionate Global Charity

Plan is well equipped to collaboratively help communities in crisis. 

Funded by private, corporate and institutional donors, Plan runs programs and services for millions of children and their families in over 50 countries. Add to that the 20 donor countries (which means as many different currencies), and tens of thousands of communities involved, and you can imagine that Plan runs a hugely comprehensive organization with a multi-tiered approach to aiding deprived youth.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy


Technology Unites and Integrates Their World

As Plan works with millions of children, and among over 90,000 communities worldwide, using a Run Simple approach with the right technology is the key to overcoming their challenges and simplifying the complexities they face.

Plan has taken a very strategic approach to succeed in their multi-pronged mission, and identified key areas of greatest impact.

To be transparent and efficient with detailed reports for donors, unified with global financial and HR processes, and optimized for faster response to humanitarian crises.

Those alone are ambitious, and aside from the growing demand for almost countless youth initiatives worldwide. But promise to transform Plan’s capacity to help even more children.

The Challenge

Slowed Down By Multi-Currency and Global Complexities

Providing comprehensive reports to major donors is an ongoing requirement for Plan to meet in order to keep the funds flowing. In the past, Plan had to manually build reports from disparate systems that were incompatible. This caused inaccuracies and was very slow, hampering both the ability to meet donors’ demands, and the ability to act quickly enough in any capacity in a humanitarian crisis situation.


For just one example, consider that Plan has youth employment initiatives in over 41 countries, which takes an immense amount logistical planning, special talent recruiting, project funding, and data management. Without the right solutions, efficiently growing these and many other youth initiatives seemed like an idealistic complex moving target.

Among the myriad humanitarian services already provided, it became clear that a troublesome grey area turned into a critical global issue. If no vocational skills are planned before and beyond age 18 for one’s self-sufficiency, it leaves youths unprepared to fend for themselves—or to contribute to society in other ways.
As the number of children born rises exponentially, so does the urgency rate of the issue as they grow into adults and need job skills to be employable. They, like all children, deserve opportunities and training, and have the abilities, energy and passion to reach their full potential if given a chance.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


A Truly Global Vendor

Plan chose SAP and integration partner Atos because they wanted a vendor and partner that could produce robust global solutions, operate where Plan works, and handle their unique complexities now and into the future.
Plan operates SAP® ERP to run all their financials, granting and funding modules, which allows them to accurately track their impact in the field. They couple that with SAP® ERP Human Capital Management solution, and SAP Best Practices for Core HR, and they run SuccessFactors in the cloud for global talent management, recruitment, learning, compensation and succession planning systems.

Better Business

Simpler and Faster

Simpler and Faster

If you look at the Haiti crisis a number of years ago, it took Plan several weeks to get people out in the field responding to the crisis. Compare that to the more recent Philippines crisis, when Plan had skilled people there in 48-72 hours.

Better Business: Benefits

Efficiency that Has a Huge Impact on Lives

The faster Plan can move and manage a highly skilled set of employees, the better they can serve the youth of their mission. With SAP SuccessFactors, they’re able to simplify many of the complexities in the Plan organization. They now have real-time status, at a glance, on any position vacancy in the organization as well as all recruiting and performance issues.

On top of that, with the timesheet build and analytics capabilities, they are able to show donors exactly where their resources are spent, in which positions, and how those employees are spending their time. This is significant especially for their institutional grant donors, with stringent criteria for accountability. Those are just two examples out of hundreds that can be given.
10x faster response to emergencies 
30x more frequent updates of grants award data and data reconciliation 
To put it into perspective, envision just how far they've come over the past four decades:
In the Past 
Doners remitted funds monthly to sponsor a child, staying in silos
Film photos and hand-mailed correspondence both ways
Slow response to humanitarian needs
Retrospective information and disparate systems 
Digital technology allows for mixed sources of revenues, donors, and sponsorships
Digital photos, emails, and real-time information allow for timely correspondence 
Fast, strategic response to humanitarian needs
Integrated systems worldwide so organization works together

Better Business: Run Simple

Keeping Our Ideals, and Our Heads, in the Cloud

With staff, volunteers and constituents around the world in over 90,000 communities, it’s vital they be as connected as possible. Now, many of the staff with their own mobile devices can submit and obtain data remotely, allowing better information communications.
In finance, information is delivered in real-time and reports no longer take a month or more, but rather can be customized and generated daily for any number of reasons, including donor requirements. Globally, Plan can use predictive analysis to make the smartest spending decisions possible by knowing immediate outcomes and situations at a glance.

SAP solutions provide Plan a holistic view of what they do, making the management of programs across 70 countries a lot simpler.

In the next 10 years, today’s youth will determine whether businesses will win or lose. As future leaders, consumers, and entrepreneurs, they will be driving economic growth. We are committed to empowering the world’s youth with technology and business skills that translate into meaningful jobs and economic opportunity. We believe this will not only improve the quality of their lives, it will also lead to new innovations that will help the world run better.
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