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Customer Snapshot: Overview

1st Technology Staffing Firm in America

Yoh knows recruiting is more than just another business process – they can transform companies and change lives. Yoh seeks to match career aspirations and talents to the needs of clients. With SuccessFactors, they’ve built a thriving talent community, and automated processes to achieve a 31.5% overall increase in hires.

Yoh, A Day & Zimmermann Company

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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SAP Solutions
SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing

Customer Snapshot: History

A Series of Firsts for Technology Staffing

Yoh is part of Day & Zimmermann, a $US2.2 billion global company with over 21,000 employees worldwide.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

In Search of That One Right Person

From Staffing Services to Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Services and more, Yoh helps clients navigate their specific talent demands in the Aviation & Defense, Engineering, Federal Services, Healthcare, IT, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment and Telecom industries.

A workforce solutions company.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

The Technology Staffing Firm that Digs Deeper

Yoh is all about the search. The company uses the strength of their vast network of resources to dig deeper and faster, helping clients uncover just what they’re looking for—whether it’s finding top talent or helping them discover the leading organizations that need their talent most. Yoh uses their wide array of constantly-evolving processes, tools, and data to present clients with insight that prepares them for the future.

Yoh delivers immediate critical talent search and managed or outsourced solutions to match clients with the best talent.

The Challenge

Facing a 30% Overspend on Advertising

Seeking to give their recruiters an edge in landing top talent, Yoh once let their individual offices select the sourcing channels they used. But with a lack of centralized control, Yoh estimated they were overspending for job board usage by 30%. Even worse, the company could only guess which channels were most effective. Yoh clearly needed to start tracking their campaigns and making better decisions about advertising.
In addition, Yoh wanted to automate processes such as posting a job, which required more than 18 manual steps, not to mention the loss of 75% of candidates because resumes were not automatically captured in the applicant tracking system.

Enter SAP

The New Era Begins with a New Career Site

By implementing SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing as the back end of their new career site, Yoh would gain the ability to measure their recruiting campaigns, track applicants throughout the funnel, build a robust talent community, and automate the job posting and job application processes.

The ability of SuccessFactors to provide Yoh with transparency into their performance and tool automation for speed to market was the top reason they were chosen.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Applicants Aren’t a Secret Anymore

During the implementation process, SuccessFactors provided not only the technology Yoh needed, but also expertise about which new recruiting channels would be best to pursue. With SuccessFactors, applicants now go directly into Yoh’s applicant tracking system, where they’re visible to any recruiter with any opportunity across the organization. In addition, Yoh rebuilt and optimized their career website and tied it into tracking of the company’s advertisements.

Better Business

From Talent Afterthought to Talent Destination

With a new career site up and running, Yoh has become much more diversified in how they target candidates. Instead of relying exclusively on traditional job boards or well-known niche sites, Yoh runs a thriving online talent community. In the process, Yoh has become a more recognizable brand—a talent destination, rather than a talent afterthought.

Better Business: Benefits

Superhero Results – for People, Employers, and the Bottom Line

Visitors to Yoh’s relaunched career site can easily search current openings – or join Yoh’s talent community to keep informed of future ones.

With SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing, Yoh is able to automate processes and better track their campaigns, leading to more informed decision making. Some key outcomes:


targeted job opportunity e-mails sent daily, generating 250,000 return applications


lift in unique visitors to Yoh's site in year one, and 85% of them driven by SuccessFactors


visitor conversion rate


increase in number of unique candidates captured with the ATS

15 day

reduction in time-to-fill


$200 reduction in cost-per-hire


increase in hires


Becoming a more-recognizable brand: a destination, rather than an afterthought.

Better Business: Run Simple

Enabling Win-Wins Comes from Going Deeper with the Data

Yoh’s entire team has complete visibility into how many offers and hires came from each recruiting campaign, and can easily drill down into individual names and titles to get the full story. Yoh’s strategy is to enable win-win situations: attracting top talent for companies and in turn, providing satisfying, meaningful – and possibly life-changing – careers for people. Now Yoh can go beyond time-to-fill and cost-per-hire and make truly data-based decisions to fine-tune every aspect of their recruiting strategy.

We’re going way beyond time-to-fill and cost-per-hire. With SuccessFactors, we can finally make data-based decisions to fine-tune every aspect of our recruiting strategy. —Cindy Lombardo, Manager, Candidate Marketing, Yoh, A Day & Zimmermann Company

Journey Ahead

Staying on the Radar of Today’s Top Talent

Roughly 10,000 people continue to join Yoh’s talent community each month. The community has swelled to more than 500,000 people—and counting. Best of all, 18% of the members of the talent community don’t even apply for a job until at least 90 days after they register. These are people who probably would have forgotten all about Yoh if they hadn’t kept getting e-mails.

An awesome team – and partnership – with Yoh and SuccessFactors.

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