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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Kenya has over 1,100 species of trees

Families create intimate memories at home, and their furniture shares in that creative process. A home shapes space, and furniture makes the space comfortable. To expand their inventory and growth to meet demand and help support Kenya’s small businesses, Antarc turned to SAP Business One version for the SAP HANA Platform, which efficiently supports the SME market.


Customer Website

Implementation Partners
Infinium Technologies

Consumer Products

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Finance, Supply Chain

SAP Solutions
SAP Business One

Customer Snapshot: History

Changing with Families

As your family progresses through the different stages of life, so does your home, including your furniture. It starts with intimate family dinners at your kitchen table. Holiday parties with family and friends at your dining room table. Curled up watching TV on your sofa. Reading books to your children in their toddler beds and watching the joy on their face when they have their first grown-up bed. These are the memories that count. Home is where there is comfort—and comfort starts with furniture.

At Antarc, they believe that you’re not only buying quality furniture for your home you are buying an inspiration, a dream as well.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Focus on Customers

Antarc is a furniture and lifestyle store. They import and sell furniture in large showrooms in Kenya. What makes Antarc unique is their focus on their customers. They have an interactive approach leveraging social media, daily blogs, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to listen to their customer.

Antarc bases inventory on what their customers want first—instead of just purchasing product.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Season for Growth

Antarc understands that selling dreams and inspiration to their customers requires more inventory, better selection or products at reduced prices and superior customer service. To do this, Antarc needed to grow their business, not only to help families and business furnish their home, but also to fuel their country’s small business population. These companies contribute significantly to the region’s growth and to developing economies, alleviating poverty and collaborating with larger organizations to bolster Africa’s growth engine.

Antarc wanted to grow. They wanted to open more stores and to continue to promote rapidly accelerating business growth.

The Challenge

A System from Scratch

Before SAP, Antarc Furniture was looking to expand their IT capabilities beyond the capabilities of previous software. In order to grow at an accelerated rate, Antarc Furniture required a world-class enterprise software solution that provided end-to-end integration and cut the company’s lead-time, while at the same time accommodating an increased product range.

They were going from no system to a system. Everything was manual before.

Enter SAP


Innovation – a Necessity

SAP was selected because of their innovation. They have seen much growth since initiating the SAP partnership and have far surpassed their previous management and control objectives.

Antarc's Vision.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Quick, Smooth, Efficient
The right partner was a big key for success, so they engaged Infinium Technologies for a fast and professional implementation—and a smooth “Go Live” transition.
The implementation team organized methods of which assisted in change management within the organization. Their superior change management strategy was quick and the new processes were completed in seconds.

Better Business

Growing and Growing with SAP

The SAP Business One version for SAP HANA Platform efficiently supports the SME market grow faster and more efficiently within a short timeframe, while helping to address critical issues around skills transfer.

Better Business: Benefits

The Numbers Spell Massive Growth

Antarc now has better control, more accurate reporting, and efficient warehouse management with swifter delivery processes and shorter lead times. Their growth far surpassed initial objectives, so they were able to increase sales targets by 30%, all while increasing overall operational efficiency. They now have access to real-time business data for more-informed decision making—and proactive management of stock and timely customer deliveries, significantly increasing customer loyalty.

50% Increase

in East Africa's market share

2 Days

instead of 3 months to perform an audit review

30% Higher

sales targets than initial objectives

95% Accuracy

in stock inventory, regardless of location

SAP makes this grow possible.

Better Business: Run Simple

More Products, More Stores

Because of the successful SAP implementation, Antarc Furniture has now extended their product range to include the furnishing line and has subsequently opened two more branches.

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